Chapters Overview

The main topics covered in this eBook. This book is a great resource for creatives considering getting off the base level in instagram

Chapter 1 | Find Your Niche

This chapter explains about finding and starting your profile with a niche

Chapter 2 | Your Profile & Bio

Step by Step tips for setting your profile, Bio and some useful tools for your bio section

Chapter 3 | Profile Branding

A chapter with examples to brand your profile, and a useful tool to plan your Instagram grid

Chapter 4 | Insights

A Chapter with Instagram Insights in detail, Who to follow and statistics of overall Instagram audience.

Chapter 5| Hashtag Research

Hashtag Research in Detail, the process of selecting hashtags, finding & researching tag, Reason for hashtag failures + useful tools

Chapter 6 | Content Creation

Everything about content creation, content posting strategies, types of content and the Instagram Seo in detail + useful tools & tutorials

Chapter 7 | Building Relations

Successful methods and strategies to build a solid relation via Instagram, Feed Ranking factors and Useful Strategies

Chapter 8 | IG Growth Analysis tool

A chapter exclusively for one of the best tool to get a detailed review of your profile. This is my personal favorite tool.

Chapter 9 | Tutorials & Profiles

Final Chapter with tutorial links and profiles to follow | Everything for you to become a part of the Instagram design community